Warning about Starlite houseboats!

There is nothing good about Starlight houseboats. The company is bankrupt and going out of business. The company is plagued with fraud and deception. Dennison State bank took it over and has run it in to the ground. Starlite took hundreds thousands of dollars in deposits with no intention of building the boats. They are selling boats that have been dropped , one boat delivered to seller was so damaged it was considered un-seaworthy. A complete loss for buyer. The buyer won a one million dollar judgment against Starlite.

Buyers have many complaints about Starlite. Boats have no insulation, tile cracks, Electrical system are under sized, welds break. AC units are under sized. One Boat in AZ couldn't cool below 90 degrees in the summer. Starlite does not honor warranties. One owner called and said her boat was falling apart, Starlite did absolutely nothing.

The few boats they are still trying to sell were started in 2007 and 2008, but they may be sold as 2009 or 2010 models. But beware many of these may have parts that are already three to four years old

Warning: One Starlight that may end up at Lake Mead or lake Powell that was dropped and damaged. It is an 18 X 75 Gourmet model.

Starlite has the worst reputation in the houseboat industry . Even if you can pick up a new Starlite for $250,000 the resale value may be much less.